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This elegant two manual and pedal pipe organ was commissioned by the University of South Carolina School of Music in 1964 for use as a practice organ. As such, it received relatively little use. Of course, it has been immaculately maintained. It fits in an area 7 feet wide by 7 feet 2 inches deep by 10 feet high, so would be an excellent choice for a small church or a residence with an appropriately proportioned room.

There is a row of twelve wooden pipes, pictured above right, which are not shown in the picture above left.


                        Manual I                            Manual II                                Pedal
 8'  Gedeckt                                       61 pipes  8'  Gemshorn                                     49 pipes  16'  Subbass                                      12 pipes
 8'  Gemshorn                             4'  Koppelflote                                  12 pipes  8'  Bordun                                          61 pipes
 4'  Prinzipal                                       61 pipes  2' Blockflote                                      12 pipes  4'  Choralbass                                    61 pipes
 2'  Prestant                                       12 pipes  1 1/3'  Spitzquint                                24 pipes  2'  Gemshorn                                      61 pipes


      Crescendo pedal      Motor control      Music Rack Light      Blower
      Crescendo Indicator      Wind Indicator      Pedal Light      Power supply

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